Discover Seville, the major gastronomic capital of Spain

Seville hosts one of the most representative events of the food and beverage sector. However, the experience does not end at FIBES. The gastonomic summit can be seen, felt and, in short, also experienced in the rest of the city.


Seville is a city known for its good weather, for its impressive monumental and historical heritage, for its cultural agenda, for being the cradle of flamenco, and of course, for its gastronomy.


There is a clear link between Andalusian cuisine and the excellence of the products that serve as raw material for the elaboration of the recipes. It is a place where the most innovative trends that will mark the future of the sector are being developed and materialized. Seville is a model of a sustainable city that combines tradition and innovation, technology and craftsmanship, and where people, visitors and residents, are the center of the city.



In Seville you eat as you live. Tapas in Seville is a social fact and one of its most essential cultural manifestations. Seville is the culture of oil, oranges, rice, bull meat, Iberian pork, river fish, convent sweets… But the city is also a showcase for exquisitely decorated restaurants with a charming atmosphere that combine excellent 0 km products and local recipes with food and techniques from other territories. Signature cuisine with which a huge quarry of young chefs from Seville are leaving their mark on Spanish gastronomy. The city is passionate about its cuisine and offers plenty to choose from.



Defined by its unparalleled historical and artistic heritage, but also by the idiosyncrasy of its neighborhoods, its suggestive gastronomy and its wide cultural offer. Seville is everything you can see, and also everything you can’t see, but you can feel.



Marked by its open and multifaceted personality, Seville can boast today of being a pole of attraction for new ideas and trends; the space chosen by institutions, companies, research centers and national and international professionals to reflect on the present and future of the driving sectors of the region’s economy.



An environment with values, in which the well-being of its people and visitors and sustainability understood in the broadest sense of the word, is at the center of the creation of more friendly, livable and inclusive spaces, in which to share that unique way of seeing and living the world that characterizes us.