USA, Guest Country Partner

A thriving market for Spanish gourmet products



The United States is emerging as a primary destination for the export of Spanish gourmet products, and rightfully so. With a population of over 335 million consumers, this market offers a significant opportunity for Spanish producers.



Over the past decade, Spanish exports to the US have increased at an average annual rate of 8.6%. According to data presented by ICEX, this growing demand for Spanish products and the brand España is not only based on traditional products but also on newer and more specialized ones. The top five exported products are led by the olive oil sector, with €473 million, followed by wine (€319 million), and olives (€181 million).



The 2022 Priority Markets Report positions the United States as the main country of commercial interest for the Spanish sector. In the first ten months of 2022, Spain exported food and beverages worth €2.079 billion to this market. The United States has become Spain’s fourth largest global trading partner, surpassing Germany and China as the main non-EU partner.



Opening up the US market to Spanish gourmet products is crucial to capitalize on this growing trend and meet the demand of American consumers seeking high-quality foods, unique flavors, and culinary experiences. AUTENTICA Premium Food Fest stands as the necessary bridge to connect Spanish producers with this booming market, promoting the values of origin, quality, health, and sustainability.