The new business platform for the retail and mass distribution industry


AUTÉNTICA is a creative space where we bring together brilliant minds, but at the same time deeply curious that, from gastronomy and the food industry, reflect and create together with professionals from other disciplines in the world of health, sports, science, technology, arts, philosophy, politics, music, architecture, communication or nutrition, among others. It is a platform for social reflection, a laboratory for experimentation, a space in which gastronomy and the food industry mingle with other prominent leaders of our society, to contribute to the development of the food industry.


For a few days, Auténtica Premium Food Fest is the space to stimulate the senses, to present all the innovation of products from a perspective of respect for their origin. Rethinking commercial logic away from conventional sales, to convey the essence, history, benefits, impact, environment, health … A unique communication space, with which to associate your product. A space to transfer the value of the products and their essence. To experiment, to propose new ideas through reflection between gastronomy and the different areas of the world of knowledge, to share and create, to enjoy, to communicate and, as a result, to promote a new social awareness of gastronomy and the food and beverage industry.

AUTÉNTICA is Mediterranean diet in its purest form, it is a gastronomic avant-garde, the largest forum for product innovation, a forum for acquiring new skills, a business platform, of course. But only open to those producers, food industry, beverage industry, who seek and propose a new dialogue with the large distribution, retail sector, specialized food stores, chefs, food importers, the Horeca sector or the hospitality industry in general.


We talk about the future, creativity, passion and conversation with other disciplines. A Davos of gastronomy and food that brings a different dialogue, the value of the brand “producer product”, to a new dimension where the denominators are health and pleasure.


AUTÉNTICA is the platform and forum that unites gastronomic knowledge and creativity with scientific, technological and market knowledge. It is the most influential annual professional event for the premium and gourmet food and beverage industry. A true business platform. A Food Festival with exciting moments and food for thought, combining business and innovation, with transgressive conceptual proposals and moments for pure hedonism.