Auténtica Excellence Awards 2023

The AUTÉNTICA EXCELLENCE AWARDS are intended to recognise the work, leadership and transformation of those companies and professionals who are committed to a new social dialogue in the food and beverage industry from a perspective of respect for the origin. Rethinking commercial logic away from conventional sales, to convey the essence, the story, the purpose and improve the impact on the health of people and the environment.

These awards are aimed at large-scale distribution, retail, wholesalers, specialised or gourmet shops, gastronomic chefs, the hotel and catering industry, universities, technology centres, producers, designations of origin, associations, public bodies…

Categories and winners

The proposals that will be considered and admitted to participate in these awards must respond to the following themes:


Projects, solutions or alliances of large distribution chains, supermarkets, specialised or gourmet shops that are committed to a different dialogue with the origin of the product, placing value on the producer, with a transmission of values to the consumer.

  • Picking Market is a family company founded in 1997 that has been committed to gourmet products for more than 25 years through the search for national and international suppliers with a high degree of commitment to quality and service.

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Chefs who, with their philosophy, their elaborations and recipes are committed to the value of the product, its roots and origin in their gastronomic proposal, promoting at the same time sustainability criteria.

  • Xandra Luque has incorporated haute cuisine in a hospital. She has created more than 980 recipes adapted to more than 60 types of pathologies and restrictions, having the Mediterranean diet, extra virgin olive oil, wholemeal flours… as the basis of her cuisine.

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Bar, independent restaurant, branded restaurant, or any other restaurant concept that best conveys to the consumer its commitment to local produce, its origin and slow food.

  • The Victoria Market (Cordovan Gourmet Market), was inaugurated on May 1, 2013, being the first gastronomic market in Andalusia. Since then it has become a gastronomic, cultural and leisure center for everyone.

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Communication, marketing or journalistic project that transmits the values of the premium-gourmet product and the Mediterranean diet in a sustainable environment.

  • Andalucía Cocina is a project promoted by LANDALUZ, which collects recipes from more than 200 Andalusian chefs in gastronomic books and their corresponding version in digital format, with the aim of highlighting the gastronomy of Southern Spain.

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Business models, products or services that are committed to innovation in the food industry under the values of sustainability, energy efficiency, food waste, territory…

  • Cooperativa La Palma fights for zero waste with a sustainable, healthy and tasty agriculture for the consumer and for the planet.

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