GASTROMARKETING DAY 2023 x AUTÉNTICA, the most authentic gastronomic marketing

There are gastronomy and marketing events, but very few gastronomic marketing events. Aplus Gastromarketing, leading gastronomic marketing agency in collaboration with Auténtica presents a unique congress in Seville; the Gastromarketing Day, whose objective will be to promote the development of marketing related to the gastro world and the food industry.

It must be taken into account that the gastronomic field incorporates a multitude of elements, not only bars or restaurants, but any brand related to food, beverages and services. This is a very broad concept, as it indirectly includes everything related to the product or the dining room experience, but also indirectly touches on health, sustainability, tourism or gastronomic leisure.

Spain is a country in which gastronomy has undergone a great transformation in recent years and this is also reflected in the business management related to companies in the sector. In fact, great professionals of the gastronomy and food industry showed the evolution we are living in the first Gastromarketing Day held in Madrid last February. Large restaurant groups such as La Ancha, Grupo Larrumba and Grupo Lalala and companies such as Grupo Día, Diageo, Mahou, VIPS and Makro participated in the event.

What unites Auténtica and Gastromarketing Day? AUTÉNTICA is the platform and forum that unites gastronomic knowledge and creativity with scientific and technological market knowledge. It is here where Auténtica and Gastromarketing Day have a common goal; to highlight the evolution of the sector and develop new ways of understanding our gastronomy.

The topics to be addressed by Gastromarketing Day will be: The evolution of the Room, digitization of hospitality businesses, trends in the Sector, new gastronomic communication, success stories, figures of the restoration and management of hospitality businesses and much more.

Gastromarketing Day will take place on Monday, September 25 from 15:30 h to 19:00 h and Tuesday, September 26 from 10:30 to 14:00 h. SPACE: AUDITORIUM 3.

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